Exercise Video Library

Self-Myofascial Release (foam roll)




IT Band/ TFL


Adductor Complex


Hip Flexors/TFL

Thoracic Spine (Back)

Peroneus Longus

Medial Deltoid (ball)

Infraspinatus/Rhomboids (ball)

Arches of feet (ball)

Pecs (ball)

Movement Prep/Mobilization

1-leg Scap Push-up

1-Leg Supine Bridge Mobilization

3-point Extension-Rotation

Alternating Lateral Lunge Walk

Bent-Over T-Spine Rotation

Bowler Squat

Cross-Behind Overhead Reverse Lunge

Doorway Slide

Dowel Abduction

Dowel External Rotations

Feet-Elevated Scap Push-up

Glute Wall March Iso Hold

Half-Kneeling Adductor Dip

High Knee Walk to Forward Lunge

Knee-Break Ankle Mobilization

Kneeling Glute Mobilization

Lateral Band Walks

Multiplanar Hamstrings Mobilization

Multiplanar Wall Ankle Mobilization

No Money Drill

Overhead Lunge Walk

Prisoner Squats

Push-up w/ Rotation

Quadruped Arm/Opposite Leg Raise (Bird Dog)

Quadruped Chin Tuck

Quadruped Extension Rotation

Reach, Roll & Lift

Rocking Ankle Mobilization

Scapular Wall Slide

Side-Lying Extension-Rotation

Side-Lying Internal-External Rotation

Single Leg Toe Touch

Split Stance Ankle Mobilization

Split-Stance Dowel Pec Mobilization

Split-Stance Adductor Mobilization

Squat to Stand

Squat to Stand w/ Overhead Reach

Supine Leg Whip

Walking Spiderman with Hip Lift

Walking Spiderman with Hip Lift & Overhead Reach

Walking Spiderman with Overhead Reach

Wall Ankle Mobilization

Wall Hip Flexor Mobilization

Wall T-Spine Dip


Yoga Plex

Yoga Push-up

Strength & Resistance Exercises

1-arm Cable Rotational Row

1-arm DB Bench Press

1-arm DB Row

1-arm DB Turkish Get-up

1-arm, 1-leg DB RDL

1-leg Barbell RDL

1-leg DB RDL

1-arm DB Reverse Lunge with Overhead Press

1-arm DB Push Press

1-leg Feet Elevated Push-ups

1-leg Supine Bridge

2-arm DB Bulgarian Split Squat

2-Handed Dumbbell Deadlift

2-Point DB Row

Ab Wheel Iso Hold

Ab Wheel Rollout

Alternating DB Bench Press

alternating DB Floor Press

Back Hyper-Extension w/ Twist

Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Forward Lunge

Barbell Good-morning

Barbell Push Press

Barbell Reverse Lunge

Barbell Reverse Lunge – Front Squat Grip

Barbell Squat

Barbell Sumo Deadlift

BB RDL (Romanian Deadlift)

BB Bench Press

Bent Over DB Rows

Bent-over Barbell Row- Prone Grip

Bent-over Barbell Row- Supine Grip

Bent-over Trap Raise

Box Squat (body weight)

Box Squat for Speed

Cable Bent-Over Row with Bar Attachment

Cable Curls with Bar

Cable External Rotation – Arm Adducted

Cable External Rotation at 90°

Cable Lift

Cable Reverse Fly

Cable Rotations

Cable Woodchop

Cable Woodchop – Chest Height

Chest-Supported Row – Neutral Grip

Chest-Supported Row – Pronated Grip


Close-Grip Bench Press

Close-Grip DB Bench Press

Close-Grip Floor Press

Close-Grip Push-up

DB Bench Fly

DB Bench Hamstring Curl

DB Bulgarian Split Squat from Deficit

DB Cuban Press

DB Curls

DB Deadlift From The Floor

DB Floor Press

DB Forward Lunge

DB Goblet Squats

DB Hammer Curl

DB Kickback

DB Plank-Row

DB Pullover

DB Push Press

DB Reverse Lunge from Deficit

DB Romanian Deadlift

DB Side Lunge

DB Snow Shovel

DB Step-up to Balance

DB Suitcase Deadlift

DB Suitcase Deadlift w/ Platform

DB Swings

Decline Bench Press

Dragon Flag

Elbow-Supported DB External Rotation

Face Pull

Farmer’s Walk

Feet-Elevated Push-up

Floor Cobra

Flutter Kick

Front Box Squat

Front Squat

Front Squat to Push Press to Overhead Reverse Lunge

Front Squat- Crossover Grip

Half-Kneeling Anti-Rotation Press

Head-Supported DB Row

Incline DB Press


Low Incline Barbell Press

Low Incline DB Fly

Medicine Ball Overhead Squat

Neutral Grip DB Bench Press

Neutral Grip Pull-up

No Money Drill w/ Band

Overhead Barbell Squat

Pallof Press (standing)

Pronated Grip Inverted Row

Prone Bridge

Prone Bridge Arm March

Prone Bridge with Leg Raise

Prone Dumbbell Row with Push-up

Prone Row to External Rotation

Pull Through


Pull-ups (assisted)


Push-up with knees

Pushdown w/ Rope

Seated Cable Row – Neutral Grip

Seated Cable Row – Pronated Grip

Side-Lying Bridge

Side Bridge w/ Leg Abduction

Side Bridge Wall Slide

Side-Lying External Rotation – Arm Propped at 30° Abduction

Single Leg Squat

Snatch Grip Rack Pull

Speed Bench Press

Speed Deadlift

Split Squat (body weight)

Split-Stance Cable Lift

Squat Thruster

Standing 1-arm Cable Row

Standing Bent Over Lateral Raise

Standing Cable Overhead Tricep Extension

Standing Cable Rows

Standing DB Scaption

Standing Forward Cable Lat Extension

Supine Bench Tricep Extension w/ Rope

Supine Floor Bridges

Supine No Money w/Band

Tall Kneeling Cable Chop- Chest Height

Tall Kneeling Cable Lift

Tall Kneeling Pallof Press

Waiter’s Walk

Walking DB Lunge

Plyometric/Reactive Exercises


Body Builder

Box Jump

Broad Jump



Clap Push-up

Crossover Jump

Falling Start

Forward to Back Hop

Hand Switch w/ Push-up


High Knee Skip

Hop from Platform

In-Place Heiden

Jump-Back Start

Jumping Jacks

Jump Squat (body weight)

Mt. Climber

Mt. Climber w/ Push-Up


Push-up Start

Rollover Get-up & Go

Side Shuffle to Sprint

Side Shuffle w/ Overhead Reach

Side Start

Side to Side Hop


Squat to Hold

Standing Start

Star Jump

BOSU Exercises

BOSU Crunches

BOSU Mt. Climber w/ Push-Up

BOSU Mt. Climbers

BOSU Prisoner Squats

BOSU Push-Up

Stability Ball Exercises

Stability Ball 1-Arm Row

Stability Ball Back Extension

Stability Ball Chest Press

Stability Ball Crunches

Stability Ball DB Fly

Stability Ball Hyper Extension

Stability Ball Leg Drop

Stability Ball Push-up

Stability Ball Roll Out

Stability Ball Seated Cable Chest Press

Stability Ball Squats

Stability Ball Supine Bridge

Stir the Pot

Miscellaneous Videos

Clean Grip

Crossover Grip