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Coaches Corner: Scapular/Shoulder Mobility Drills (Video)

A collection of scapular/shoulder mobility drills presented by Scott Hagnas. 1. Scap push-up 2. Band pull-down 3. Pass-through (dislocate) 4. Supine Pronated/Supinated Weighted Pipe shoulder flexion 5. Prone pipe close-grip shoulder flexion 6. Pike shoulder flexion Thanks for viewing. Live…
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My First GORUCK Event – by Emily Hurley

I’ll never forget it, standing there on a cool August morning in downtown Seattle, waiting for the infamous “Cadre” to show up, wondering if he was already among us and I didn’t even know it.  I watched as groups of…
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Testimonial- Lisa Duarte

“Personal training is easily one of the most important gifts I give myself.  Its benefits appear throughout daily life in ways never imagined.  Sure, it is always fun to see trimmer, tone thighs and a butt lift in smaller jeans….
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