Training Journal 1.5.18 (Strength Workout)


A1) Paused Front Squat- 3×6, 135#

A2) Wall Facing Hip Circle- 3×10/side, bw

B1) DB Clean, Squat to Press- 2×15/side, 20#

B2) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat- 2×15/side, bw

C1) Kneeling DB Halo- 2×20/side, 20#

C2) Sprinter Stride to Knee Raise- 2×20/side,  bw

D1) Inverted Row- 2×10, bw

D2) Deadlift- 2×8, 205#

E1) BB Floor Chest Press- 2×15, 135#

E2) Pull-ups- 2xfailure, bw

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